Published on December 31, 2002 By Urban1 In WinCustomize News
After a long period without any update, EzPop, the free skinnable email checker, has finally been released in its beta version 3.70.
What's new :

- NEW : SMARTCLEAN! Remove all unwanted emails (spam) with a single click.
Simply right-click on the main form then run SmartClean.
EzPop will delete all the mails where headers (from/address/subject) are matching your spam list.
- ADDED : IMAP4 support
- ADDED : MAPI (Exchange, Notes …) support
- ADDED : mark message as "read" when viewing in the message window (IMAP/MAPI)
- ADDED : purge deleted messages (IMAP)
- ADDED : Time connected on the Net / Popups killed display (left click on the Status line)
- ADDED : Alpha Transparency for 2K / XP
- ADDED : Message Window : Vertical Scrollbar (optional) with Mouse Wheel support
- ADDED : New Message Window popup menu entries (copy/cut/paste + add text to spam list)
- ADDED : display the "Send To" address in the header (Message Window)
- ADDED : Kill empty titled windows for Browser Popup Killer (ex : windows titled : ' -' )
- ADDED : Easier way to add popup killer filters
- ADDED : Faster way to change Skins (EzPop configuration)
- MODIFIED : check all accounts by default (left click on "check" button for sequential check)
- FIXED : Yahoo! Accounts now working
- FIXED : bug in EzReminder (repeat every week)
- REMOVED : Hotmail account no more supported

Enjoy and Happy New Year to all!

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