Published on December 31, 2002 By Urban1 In WinCustomize News
After a long period without any update, EzPop, the free skinnable email checker, has finally been released in its beta version 3.70.
What's new :

- NEW : SMARTCLEAN! Remove all unwanted emails (spam) with a single click.
Simply right-click on the main form then run SmartClean.
EzPop will delete all the mails where headers (from/address/subject) are matching your spam list.
- ADDED : IMAP4 support
- ADDED : MAPI (Exchange, Notes …) support
- ADDED : mark message as "read" when viewing in the message window (IMAP/MAPI)
- ADDED : purge deleted messages (IMAP)
- ADDED : Time connected on the Net / Popups killed display (left click on the Status line)
- ADDED : Alpha Transparency for 2K / XP
- ADDED : Message Window : Vertical Scrollbar (optional) with Mouse Wheel support
- ADDED : New Message Window popup menu entries (copy/cut/paste + add text to spam list)
- ADDED : display the "Send To" address in the header (Message Window)
- ADDED : Kill empty titled windows for Browser Popup Killer (ex : windows titled : ' -' )
- ADDED : Easier way to add popup killer filters
- ADDED : Faster way to change Skins (EzPop configuration)
- MODIFIED : check all accounts by default (left click on "check" button for sequential check)
- FIXED : Yahoo! Accounts now working
- FIXED : bug in EzReminder (repeat every week)
- REMOVED : Hotmail account no more supported

Enjoy and Happy New Year to all!

on Dec 31, 2002
Thibaud asked me to add that EzPop now includes support for StarDock's WinStyles.
on Dec 31, 2002
That's a great addition Dangeruss!

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on Jan 01, 2003
Excellent! I love this program.
on Jan 01, 2003
The new message window still needs some work though
on Jan 01, 2003
It took me less than 5 minutes to crash it. It's worth what it costs.