no location can be found
Published on October 31, 2007 By Urban1 In ObjectDock
I live in sweden and I have tried to put in Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden, Stockholm
as well as other places here but nothing works,
can someone please tell me what to put in there to get it to work.

on Oct 31, 2007
Supplying the name of the widget you are having problems with will usually yield more informative and speedy responses.   

Of the weather widgets I have used you can put a location name or a zip code. Have you tried a zip code?
on Oct 31, 2007
What version (free or Plus)?
What build?

The current Plus build has most if not all weather issues resolved.
on Oct 31, 2007
You need to write Stockholm, sweden
on Oct 31, 2007
I just type in Stockholm and the interface pops up with all the options.  But I am using the latest build of the plus.   
on Oct 31, 2007
i have only been trying it with object dock plus the latest one from od.
on Oct 31, 2007

Urban1: Which version of ObjectDock Plus are you trying this with?

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